Project STEM

In 2002, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and the Delta Research and Educational Foundation(DREF), in partnership with the AAAS Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs, began developing and implementing the 5-year Science and Everyday Experiences (SEE) Initiative, an informal science education project funded by the National Science Foundation.  Upon completion of the 5-year Initiative, OAC decided to continue its efforts locally by establishing Project STEM.

Project STEM is designed to provide intense focus on mathematics, science, and technology support to African American students in grades K-8. The program also is designed to encourage African American students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses.  It is important to show African American youth and their families that science does not have to be difficult or boring.  Science can be exciting, fun and lead to numerous career choices in the future.  There are many opportunities available to pursue careers in science and technology in today’s society.  Project STEM brings these opportunities to the forefront by making science accessible.

This program has a strong parental support component which guides the parents/guardians through hands-on steps to be taken to be able to help their children at home with learning the science, mathematics, and technology skills.  This is an important component because study and learning habits are refined at home.  The more excited and involved a parent is in the development of their child, the more the child develops.

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