Annually, the Orlando Alumnae Chapter provides more than $10,000 in scholarships to local high school and undergraduate college-enrolled student residents in an effort to promote the advancement of higher education.  Additionally, complimentary SAT/PSAT workshops are held along with image-building seminars, and college fairs for middle and high school students.


Opportunities to support the scholarship program include the annual Bowl-For-The-Cause and the Celebration of Women Brunch, where tax-deductible donations can be made to the Delta Foundation.


  • OAC Scholarship Program
  • College Readiness Workshop(s)
  • College Life/Image Building Workshop(s) for Teens


The Orlando Alumnae Chapter’s Scholarship Program has been in existence since 1980. The program was initially created to provide financial assistance to young, college-bound women who reside in Orange County.

Scholarships are provided in the following categories:

Young Women ONLY

  • Sadie T.M. Alexander Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Delta GEMS Scholarship
  • Harrison/Felder Scholarship
  • Fortitude Scholarship
  • Rose Daniels Scholarship
  • Altamese Pinder Scholarship
  • Opportunity Scholarship

Young Men ONLY

  • EMBODI – Men of Excellence Scholarship
  • Opportunity Scholarship

The Chapter has awarded over $450,000 and $10,000 annually in scholarships to over 250 area high school students and continuing scholars.  Our scholarship recipients exemplify some of the highest academic achievements, demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and potential; and participate in community service activities. They represent some of the best and the brightest young adults in Central Florida.


The College Readiness Workshop is implemented to address the large number of minority students in our community that don’t have proper knowledge of the application process and preparation for college. The College Readiness Workshop provides students with:

  • An Understanding of the College Admission Process
  • Assistance with completion of Financial Aid and Scholarships Applications
  • ACT/SAT Test Preparation (including strategies and techniques to prompt higher performance and scores)
  • High School & College Planning
  • Dressing for Success & Interview Basics
  • Essay Writing and a
  • Information on “Choosing the Right College & Major”

Parents are also encouraged to attend as often questions and answer sessions serve as vehicles to discuss preparing for the future. Professional experts and resources are utilized to facilitate the workshop.


The College Life/ Image Building Workshop strives to increase youth awareness of the achievements and contributions of African-Americans. It strives to motivate, educate and build upon the youth’s self-esteem as they prepare to embark on College Life. Through a forum and various sessions, the following topics may be discussed: “Youth Adolescent and Health Issues: Obesity”, “Financial Workshops”, “Career Planning/Choices”, “Building Character: Spiritually and Physically”, “Interviewing Techniques/Resume Writing,” “Technical versus Non Technical Careers”, “Stomp The Yard” – Being Involved in the College Experience,  Youth Leadership and other youth considerations/concerns.

Scholarship and Standards Committee’s annual goals and objectives are:

  1. Award $12,000 in scholarships
  2. Participate in local College Fairs
  3. Provide College Readiness Workshops for Students and Parents
  4. Provide College Life/ Image Building Workshops
  5. Present Scholarship Recipients to Community
  6. Advance an Initiative for the Middle School Student

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