OAC Chapter Committees

Standing Committees
Arts and Letters Chair – Patty Cloy; Co-Chairs – Erica Johnson and Janice Taylor
Communications and Technology Chair – Renee Wilson; Co-Chair – Najah Gilreath
Dr. Jeanne L. Noble Delta GEMS Chair – Stacy Spencer; Co-Chairs – LaToya Newell and Isis Williams
Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy Chair – Kimberly Hayes; Co-Chairs – Nicole Sims and Sade Fisher
EMBODI Chair –Cathy Edwards-Lee; Co-Chair – Clintina Watts
Finance Chair – Mylika Morton
Fundraising Chair – Shakelia Henderson; Co-Chair – Brandi Gurley
Grants and Proposal Writing
Health and Wellness Chair – Ronda Robinson;  Co-Chairs – Claudia Goodall and Angelique Dallas
Heritage and Archives Chair – Vicki Elaine Felder; Co-Chair – Erica Johnson
Leadership Academy Chair – Traci Smith-Kimes
Membership Services Chair – Vanessa Jeanot; Co-Chairs – Gail Pressley and Britt Swain
Membership Services (Project Ace Lead) Chair – Jacqueline Donaldson-Francois
Past Presidents Council Chair – Pam Tubbs
Policies and Procedures
Program, Planning and Development Chair – Sherri King; Co-Chairs – Andrea Hampton and Emfanny Holmes
        -Economic Development
        -International Awareness and Involvement
        -Reading Post Chair
Protocol and Traditions Chair – Rose Kalala
Ritual and Ceremonies Chair – Trenisha Simmons; Co-Chairs –Jeanette Tyson and Lasonja Houston
Risk Management Chair – Brigitte Brown
Scholarship Co-Chairs – Felicia Baker and Renee Hudson
Step Team Chair – Renee Wilson
Social Action Co-Chairs – Val Scott ,  Monique Morris, and Debbie Settles
Special Committees
Choir Bilandra Dinkins
Founders Day Co-Chairs – Donesha Anthony, Deirdre Postell, and Lorene V. Hamlet-Williams
Hospitality Chair – Jackie Sneed ; Co-Chairs – Doris Jackson
Jabberwock Chair – W. Kha McPherson; Co-Chairs – Jennifer Blocker and Lisa Seabrooks
NPHC Representatives Gail Washington-Woods, Lisa Seabrooks and Jacqueline Donaldson-Francois

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